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Frequently Asked Questions about the Weight Watchers recipe cards from 1974


I. About the Weight Watcher 1974 Recipe Cards
(can't see the images? Go here)

This is some nasty shit. How did people eat this stuff?
I have no idea.

Man, was all the Weight Watchers food like this back then?
According to
this article, the Weight Watchers plan in the 1970s required you to eat liver at least once a week. But the cards on these pages are a carefully selected sampling. My mom's collection consisted of a couple hundred cards, and most of the other dishes looked a little boring and dated but otherwise edible.

What about the actual printed recipes on the back? Will you put those up?
MAYBE. It won't be any time soon, though. UPDATED ANSWER! There is now a directory with PDF files of selected cards, some from the new book. Download 'em now!

The one I really want isn't there! Will you scan it and send it to me? Just one? I really want it.
Please understand that with a full-time job and lots of other things in my life that need my attention I simply can't honor extra requests from people.
UPDATED ANSWER! You are shit out of luck, people.

By "people," you mean everyone else except me, right? Because I'm special, right?

Don't you know what Caucasian Shashlik is? It's simply a variant of "shish-ke-bob" originating from the Caucasus region of--
Yeah, yeah, whatever. I know. I just wanted to make the
white meat joke.

Are you still accepting Liver Pate En Masque caption suggestions?

Oh, but my suggestion is GOOD, so I can still send it to you, right?

Oh, but I live in an alternate universe where your words have no meaning, right?
Just don't email me from there.

Is Weight Watchers going to bust your ass for putting these up?
I hope not. I understand WW doesn't approve of web sites that undercut their business by giving out program details for free, but I'd like to think that obsolete stuff from their ancient past is fair game. And it makes their current program look even better.

Do you have other old Weight Watchers materials? I really want to find this old program guide from 1982!
These cards are all I have. Sorry. Try eBay.

You mean you DON'T have a magical archive of all the Weight Watchers recipes that my sister-in-law and I vaguely remember but forgot to write down?
That's right. Go bother someone else. I don't have what you're looking for. I swear to God.

I can't see the pictures! What's wrong? I just see boxes with red Xs! It's crazy! Why? WHY?
Because you're probably behind a firewall. Very occasionally, the hotlink protection feature I use on this site prevents some people from viewing the images. I've been told that if you adjust your security settings (and no, I don't know how to do that for you), you'll be able to see the cards?

What's hotlink protection and why do you have to have it anyway?
It keeps people from directly linking to one of the card images on another site, usually a bulletin board. Bandwidth costs money and I don't want to pay extra just so "Angel_Baybee78" can post it on a stupid EZ Board somewhere.

Hey! I've seen these card pages before but on a different website. Are you ripping them off? Are they ripping YOU off?
These pages orginally appeared at my other site,
Pound. A lot of popular sites have linked to them and created so much traffic that I had mirrors to the pages put up here and here. I bought Candyboots.com to be a permanent home for the recipe cards and for future projects.

So are you still having bandwidth problems? Should I make a donation?
The traffic emergency is over, for now: this new site is hosted by swell people at
Myrmid who have given me a very generous traffic allowance, so I hope I'll be able to keep the recipe card pages all on one site now. Donations will help me continue.

II. About Candyboots.com

Who the hell are you? Are you some comedy writer guy or something?
Well, I'm not a guy. My name is Wendy McClure. My other site has a short bio which mentions some of the websites and publications I've written for, and you'll also find a weblog and a journal where I occasionally post longer entries and essays.

Will you be doing more with this Candyboots site?
Yes, eventually.

Why isn't the Disturbing Children's Books section up yet? It's been months and months since you announced it was coming.
Months and months ago I thought I would be able to put up this new section by Fall 2003. But what happened instead is that I got a literary agent. And then I wrote a book. And then I spent a whole summer promoting it. And then I wrote another book. And them...

But don't you really just need me to email you and ask you pretty please to put up new stuff?
No. That won't work.

Okay, but by "me" you don't mean ME, right?
Oh, for fuck's sake.

If I send you a children's book that I think is funny/disturbing, will you put it up with funny comments?
Considering how long it's going to take me to put up just the stuff I've collected, you better not.

Hey! I got this hilarious email forward about twisted children's book titles and/or covers! Have you seen it?
Yes. Many times.



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